Creating an online store is a great idea for anyone that wants to work from home, or simply doesn’t like the idea of having a traditional brick and mortar store. And while an online business can be an incredibly profitable one, staring it can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There are plenty of articles out there that give you tips on what you should do when you want to create an online store, however, there aren’t that many to tell you what you shouldn’t do and that is exactly what we will talk about in this article so keep on reading.

Don’t go in without a plan

You don’t need an in-depth business plan, but you do need a plan. Making sure that you are clear on things such as the product that you will be selling, the kind of employees that you need to hire, and just the general direction that you want to take your business in is a must have when you are planning on starting an online store. So, before you take any action, make sure you have a plan of attack.

Never forget about customer service

When you are the owner of an online business and you want to create an online store, it is easy to forget that you’re working with actual people and customer service can be looked over. However, doing that is a terrible mistake. If a customer doesn’t have a good experience on your website or if they don’t get the necessary help when they encounter a problem that will leave them with a very poor impression of your business and something like that may stop them from ever coming back to your online store.

Don’t give away too many freebies

When you are first promoting your brand, giving customers the ability to try your product or service for free is a great way to get them to talk about your brand. However, giving away too many freebies has a way of adding up and you may end up losing money as a result. As an alternative to giving away the actual product, you can offer customers something useful, such as an eBook or a recipe or something else that has to do with your product, and ask for an email address in return. This way you are giving something that really isn’t worth a lot and getting addresses that you may find useful in the future.

Stop thinking that every business is the same

When it comes to online stores and business in general, there really are no definite rules about what will work and what will make your business more successful. What is important to remember is that just because something worked for another business, it doesn’t mean that it will also work for yours, so having a healthy amount of skepticism and taking every advice with a grain of salt is a great idea.

Even though these are some of the many mistakes that you should avoid making, they are definitely a good start and something that you should keep in mind. Hopefully, you have found this article useful and you have a better idea of the directions that you need to avoid when you want to start an online store.